Our company has been founded on October 1, 1989 with a staff of 5. Today this number is already 55. Until 1992 our main course of activitiy was the maintenance of printing machinery, since then we are dealing with orders requiring printing- and wrapping technology. Apart from manufacturing high-quality of boxes and labels, we also undertake the production of a wide range of promotional materials. 
The processing of our products is done with offset printing, up to size B/2. Our capacity mostly serves small- and medium amounts of copies, however we also deal with larger numbers, delivered in parts. 
Our printing company has only Hungarian owners and is getting improved dynamically and continously, which resulted a completely independent, closed and organized productional process, served by a target software.

Quality assuarance

Since November 5, 2001 our company operates according to the ISO 9001 quality control standards. Our approved quality work and trustworthiness ensures efficient work planning for us and complete satisfaction for our clients. We consider turning our employees towards a quality-oriented way of thinking, as only precise individual work results in quality products.


The goal of our LTD is the flexible adaptation to the printing demands of our clients and customers, with improvements in technology and widening of our capacity. As a consequence of the former, we aim to maintain a continous growth on the market and filling up foreign market niches with competitive export.